Sunnforest Crane Fork

Crane Fork

Crane Fork No Slings or chains necessary Crane Operator will not need to leave cab of lorry or crane Forks will remain horizontal when loaded and unloaded Easily operate by one person with safety Adjustable fork width with five positions Three positions for adjustable height

Work Load Limit WLL(Tonne): 2 Adjustable Fork Width (mm): 370800 Effective Height (mm): 1290 / 1590 / 1890 Fork Length (mm): 980mm Net Weight (kg): 180 Kgs

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Drum Stacker and Rotator

Drum Stacker and Rotator

Capacity – 400 kg

Drum Size – 572mm ( 22.5” Diameter ) , 210 litres ( 55 gallon )

Lifting Height – 1350 mm

Rear Castor Dia × Width – 180 mm × 50 mm

Net Weight – 190 kg

• Easy to lift, transport and tilt 55 gallon drum.

• Available to carry the drum to rack ( lower than 1350 mm )

• Compact and reliable mechanism system to fix drum

• Tilt the drum 120 degree for oil empty

• Easily lift with pedal when unload

• It can lock a drum in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal position

for draining through a faucet.

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Drum Grabber to handle 1 or 2 drums

Bulle Drum Grabber

DRUM Grabber to handle 1 or 2 drums.
Model    : 2SE-BOM -BC
Capacity : 500 kg Per Grabber Head ( × 2 )
Feature  :
•   Belt Cradle
•   Single gripper jaws
•   1 or 2 drum handling
•   Able to handle steel/plastic and Fiber drums
•   Adjustable Bolt On Mounting
•   Standard duty

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